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Emilio Sosa López traducido por Lawrence Durrell

Emilio Sosa López traducido por Lawrence Durrell


Like the forest silences I write at midnight
Repeating aloud the written, the uncertain
That which is forbidden to understand or feel,
Words which compel me to the utmost decisions,
To congratulations, sorrows and mistakes,
To stubborn moments that gather in their depths

A queer sense of waiting and of sudden dead.
I write at midnight like a sea evaporating,
Leaving a white tract of salt and bitterness,
Feeling already foreign to the passion that seduces me,
To the day that pierces me with its hug cries,
Or by mistake, like a cloud outpouring
The time’s annoyance, bending towards shadows
Or a slow “Goodbye” that falls like a dry leaf.


Often I return among the imploring voices
Falling into the abyss of empty nightfalls
The solitudes, the place where love rejoices,
Where flowers glitter and where fountains answer
With the joy of the same deep power
Of suffering and being, of redeeming and to know
The soul’s wholeness concentrated in words
And also among the joyful voices of love,
Asserting with the drive of lovesick waves
The moments curving on the thirst for loving
That is to cry and turn and in the end regain
The time of grace between the tear and darkness
Near the place or term where voices grow calm
Where the earth stops talking lige unuttered
Voice which forgets the bonds, creating without words
A song without beginnings still greater than silence,
Like some pilgrimage through another body,
Another voice, another dream as memory never is.

La Traducción Literaria (ensayo) con una Antología del Poema Traducido, Lysandro Z. D. Galtier, Tomo III, ECA, Ediciones Culturales Argentinas, Ministerio de Educación y Justicia de la Nación, Subsecretaría de Cultura, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1965

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